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Workshops & Speaking Engagements

Invite Rick Paget to present a workshop, or speak at your next gathering or event.

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Speaking Engagement  –  How to Find Your Purpose

Today more than ever, we’re surrounded by increased levels of information, opportunities and change.

So many options present themselves, yet many people experience feelings of being directionless, unfulfilled, or trapped within their current situation.  They’re often living without purpose and hope – and don’t know how to find it!

This webinar is designed to provide you with practical insights, strategies and information which you can apply straight away.

Suitable for audiences of any size, talks are tailored to suit your needs with a focus on four main areas:

– The importance of knowing your calling
– The difference between Purpose & Calling
– Using ‘5 Essential Elements’ to discover a life you’ll love
– How to effectively activate your Purpose or Calling

Half Day Workshop – Leading From Your Strengths Profile

The Leading From Your Strengths Profile Workshop runs for 2.5 hours and is based upon the DISC model which has been further developed by Ministry Insights.

Hundreds of thousands of people around the globe have benefited from these assessments which are recognised for their high levels of accuracy.

Individuals are often surprised at how accurate their report is; and how many of the insights offer practical suggestions to sharpen or help their daily interactions with others.

The profile report has been designed to incorporate Christian themes, though you’ll find the content insightful and of value no matter where you stand in relation to spirituality and Christian Ministry.

Individual LFYS Profiles cover each of the topics below, while the workshop ‘goes deep’ and focuses upon those area highlighted in bold:

  • Your Natural Strengths Chart
  • General Characteristics
  • Value to the Team
  • Checklist for Communicating
  • Don’t on Communicating
  • Ideal environment
  • Keys to Motivating
  • Keys to Leading
  • Area’s for Improvement
  • Perceptions
  • Your Strengths Movement Chart
  • How are you having to Adapt
  • Natural and Adapted Style
  • The Strengths Wheel

All enquiries can be made in the form below

1-Day Group Workshop 
–   Discover Your Calling Course

The Discover Your Calling Course guides participants on an insightful journey filled with teaching and exercises, to help them  identify their unique purpose and calling.

Participants will:

  • Learn structured steps and exercises to discover and define their current purpose and/or future calling
  • Identify clues from their past to determine and navigate their future
  • Create a strong personal foundation from which they can live and work
  • Grow in self-awareness
  • Understand how to make decisions about their ongoing direction
  • Define their purpose and/or calling: ‘What they do’, ‘Who they do it for’, and ‘What changes for them as a result’
  • Discover structures and tips to help them consider how to successfully take action and live-out their calling
  • Receive no-pressure to fit a certain job or role
  • Save time, effort and energy – they don’t have to work these things out alone!

 All enquiries can be made in the form below

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