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‘‘Rick is down-to-earth, refreshing, authentic, and has immense substance to everything he shares. 

I couldn’t think of anyone better to be able to speak into the area of our calling, and to empower people on how to discover it.”

Jonathan G., Suncoast INC

‘‘After several session with Rick, and his easy talking and caring way,
his great ability and skill to be able to let me discover my own answers
and gave me new problem solving actions and skills.

I was able to move forward in a more confident, happier, grounded new chapter of my life.

Great thanks to Rick for his great heart for people.”

Lee B.

‘‘The sessions I spent with Rick literally changed my life!

 Rick’s gentle approach and his gifting with knowing the right questions to ask helped me look at my life in a different way and make changes that I never 

dreamed of.

Not long after seeing Rick for the first session I enrolled in a course to study something I was incredibly passionate about but didn’t think I’d ever be able to do. This has led to a change in career; I’m now running a very successful business doing something I love!
Thank you, Rick, for being faithful and using the gifts you’ve been given to inspire others and challenge them to grow. I will always be grateful.”

Mandy W.

‘‘Rick’s questions helped me pinpoint exactly which direction I needed to go in.

His insight into my character is a true gift and his encouragement at just the right time meant a lot.”

Andrew L.

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