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Purpose: How Nic found hers!

Nic’s Story

Nic D. and Life Purpose Coach Rick Paget
Nicola D., with Life Purpose Coach, Rick Paget, ACC.

Activating your purpose is a challenge for many people – especially if you’re a stay-at-home mum.
Be encouraged by Nic’s story.

Having completed the Discover Your Calling Course in mid-2015, Nicola D. not only further clarified her future calling, but also actively started taking purposeful steps towards it.

Identifying & Activating two Purposeful Steps:

Nic’s first purposeful step was to fulfil a personal dream, of expressing her creative talents in a project that brought ‘joy to not only herself but also to others’.

The result being this beautiful hand-painted 1960’s Gold-Coaster Vintage Caravan designed for personal use, wedding props, and photo shoots.

The accompanying 1958 Morris Minor Ute (bottom right) was the final sweetener in fulfilling this part of her dream.

Nics first stage of purpose: Hand-painted 1960’s Goldcoaster Vintage Caravan & 1958 Morris Minor Ute.
Caravan Design by Nicola D. – @freedominthewind57
Photo by Tracey Beard Photographer – @traceybeardphotographer


Her second purposeful step was to pursue a career in nursing.  The goal being to acquire adequate medical skills and resources to benefit people of the South Pacific Islands.

These people had been on her heart since age 15, so nursing was a tangible way she could foreseeably meet some of their needs.

A key to living a fulfilled life:

One of the keys to pursuing a fulfilled life is to look outside of ourselves to determine how we can meet the needs of others.

When asked why Nic cared about this people group she replied,

“Everyone has a right to live without pain.
I want to help people over there because they don’t have enough doctors, nurses or facilities.”

As the picture of her longer-term ‘calling’ became clearer, Nic’s shorter-term stages of ‘purpose’ increased in activity and focus.  These included graduating as an Enrolled Nurse (in June 2018) and extending her studies to include counselling and psychology.

Foreseeably this path will continue for the next few years as she gains greater experience in her fields of interest.  It also allows time for Nic’s kids to reach an age of independence.

Well done Nic and congratulations for the steps you’ve taken so far!

How well do you know your purpose?

Knowing your purpose not only helps when making important life-based decisions, it can also provide you with a greater sense of underlying hope, self-worth and confidence.  

The alternative is to vaguely flounder in a direction dictated by the ‘currents of life’.  Understandably, this is an unwise place to remain.

Talk with someone you trust to start finding purpose

If you or someone you know is feeling stuck in life, direction and purpose, then the best first step is to ‘get out of your head’ and talk to a trusted friend or coach.

Finding the right person is so important.  Often well-meaning friends add their own story, opinions or perspectives.  Unfortunately, this has the effect of distorting and side-tracking what you have to share.

When unravelling your thoughts and dreams with others, choose someone who:
– Can remain unbiased
– Keeps what you share confidential
– Is skilled at helping process your thoughts without killing your dreams

You have what it takes to make a difference

If your life purpose is unknown or inactive, I urge you to discover yours.   You have unique interests, skills and abilities that can make a difference in your life and the lives of others!

What’s stopping you from taking that step today?

Try coaching

Coaching provides a safe place to explore opportunities, work through concerns or fears, and develop personally or professionally.

If you’re keen to maximise your potential and create lasting change, speak to a coach who specialises in helping you dig deep deeper to unlock, release and activate your dreams.

Unlock your future potential!


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