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Better Relationships mean Stronger Communities


Rick & Chanoa Paget

 Investing in your relationship and building stronger marriages.



Equipe Coaching & Counselling’s Stronger Relationships Package is ideal for couples who are seeking practical support to:

  • Strengthen their relationship
  • Keep the spark alive, and
  • Stay connected

The Stronger Relationships Package is ideal for couples who are looking to strengthen, revive and refresh their relationship.  We help couples invest in their relationship by combining coaching & counselling with two globally respected relationship tools – Prepare/Enrich and The Marriage Course.

Read more below about this practical approach which helps keep your relationship strong.

Preparation for those considering marriage. Enrichment for couples who have been together for some time.
The Marriage Course is a series of seven sessions, designed to help couples invest in their relationship and build a strong marriage.

PREPARE/ENRICH is a national and international leader in helping couples explore and strengthen their relationship.  It is a fantastic tool for both premarital counselling and education as well as for marriage counselling and enrichment. It consists of a 30-45 min online survey intended to help you identify both your strengths and growth areas, followed by three sessions with us (trained facilitators), to provide feedback in helping you to understand your results and support in learning important relationship skills. Built on a solid research foundation, PREPARE/ENRICH has been improved and refined over the years to become one of the best, most effective, easy-to-use relationship assessment tools available.

What’s included:

  • Online Assessment
  • 10 page Couple’s Report outlining the Core Categories and Couple Type, the Couple and Family Maps, the SCOPE Personality scales, and the Personal Stress Profile.
  • 3 Personalised sessions.  A single personal Coaching/Counselling session will take place for each member of the couple, followed by both Rick & Chanoa meeting with the couple (in person or online) to discuss strength and growth areas and to provide strategies and skills for a better, stronger relationship.

As well as providing important demographic and background information for a couple, 22 areas are assessed and individual and couple responses in these areas are summarised in reports that we receive as Facilitators to then cover in our face to face sessions. The areas assessed are as follows:

A. Significant Issues for Couples:

  • Communication
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Partner Style & Habits
  • Financial Management
  • Leisure Activities
  • Affection & Sexual Expectations
  • Family and Friends
  • Idealistic Distortion
  • Relationship Roles
  • Spiritual Beliefs

B. Relationship Dynamics:

  • Assertiveness
  • Self Confidence
  • Avoidance
  • Partner Dominance

C. Couple and Family Map:

  • Closeness and Flexibility of Family-of-Origin
  • Closeness and Flexibility of Couple Relationship/Marriage

D. Personality:

  • Social
  • Change
  • Organised
  • Pleasing
  • Emotionally Steady

Couples also answer questions about STRESS and, depending on their circumstances answer questions about cultural/ethnic issues, interfaith/interchurch issues, parenting issues, cohabitation issues, forgiveness issues, commitment issues and issues arising from a previous marriage.


The Marriage Course is for couples who are seeking to strengthen their relationship. It’s suitable for any couple, whether you are in a new relationship or have been together for many years.


Presented on video by Nicky & Sila Lee
Hosted by Rick & Chanoa Paget @ EquipeCoaching.com

The Marriage Course (TMC) was developed and is presented by Nicky and Sila Lee and has been run in over 127 countries for over 1 million couples.

Some couples do the course to invest in their relationship, others need more urgent help. Either way, the course offers a lifetime of practical ideas and tools to help keep your relationship strong.

Designed to help any couple invest in their relationship.

The course is based on Christian principles but designed for all couples with or without a church background.

Over seven sessions, the course covers:

  • Strengthening Connection
  • The Art of Communication
  • Resolving Conflict
  • The Power of Forgiveness
  • The Impact of Family
  • Good Sex
  • Love in Action


Course Setting:

We encourage each couple to treat the course like a date together.  Choose an uninterupted setting, made special with a meal and comfortable surrounds.

Originally we would run TMC in a restaurant style atmosphere, where you and your partner are served a two-course meal throughout the evening.  There is no group work, so each couple has their own individual table.

However, the online version of this course means you participate in your own time at your desired location.


Ideal for FIFO Couples:

Even if you are in remote locations, the online-on-demand nature of this course means these sessions as ideal for you as a couple to invest in quality time together between work swings.  Why not make it your special catch-up date night!


Further information:

This course is filled with great content. Feel free to invite other couples you know who might benefit and enjoy participating in the course themselves.

We’re more than happy to help if you have further questions.  Email admin@equipecoaching.com, or additional contact details can be found on the Equipe Coaching & Counselling website https://equipecoaching.com/contact/

Trent & Sharna
Trent & Sharna R.

The Marriage Course changed our marriage for the better. Taking the time out each week to chat, share a meal and work through the course gave us a new perspective on our relationship. The course is practical and honest – we couldn’t recommend it enough.

Christian & Sandra
Christian & Sandra

My wife and I did The Marriage Course and learnt some great information, usable tips and gained a new perspective which has strengthend our marriage.

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