How to Find Your Purpose – Free Webinar


For anyone seeking fulfilment in
their career, life-direction or purpose.

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Rick Paget, ACC, BA Min.
Rick Paget, ACC, BA Min.

If you’re seeking fulfilment in your career, life-direction and purpose, then this FREE, ‘How to Find Your Purpose‘ webinar is for you!

Many people looking for hope and direction feel trapped within their current situation and don’t know how to change it.

Join ICF Certified coach, Rick Paget to discover practical insights, strategies and information which you can apply straight away.


Login to this free, 35-minute webinar:
Tuesday, 6th November 2018

@ 7.45pm AEST
(Brisbane Time)


What we cover

In this information packed session, you’ll discover how you’re already equipped.  You’ll learn:

+  The difference between Purpose & Calling

+  ‘5 Essential Elements’ needed to reveal your Purpose or Calling

+  How to effectively activate your Purpose or Calling

Each person has massive potential to make an impact and change lives.  Clues about your purpose are already there – and we’ll show you how to find them!


If this is you, or perhaps you have other reasons for seeking purpose, then register now.  It could be the first step towards living a life you love.


Who it’s for

This is for you, even if you already have some idea of your purpose and greater life calling.

No matter your age or circumstance, use these principles to find, sharpen, or realign your current direction immediately and over the long-term.


Many people searching for purpose are doing so because they:
– Long to do something of value
– Want to make a difference
– Are looking for a career change
– Seek greater life-fulfilment
– Desire a deeper spiritual journey
– Feel trapped, lost or without hope
– Need something else…


A range of people have found Equipe Coaching sessions helpful, regardless of age, background or denomination:
– Career-seekers
– Stay-at-home-parents
– Those within the workforce
– Entrepreneurs
– Business-owners
– Midlife-transitioners
– Retirees


If you’re searching for purpose, this webinar could provide answers you need.  Register today and share the link with someone who may find it helpful.


I look forward to seeing you there!




P.S.  As always, we’re here to help so reach out and we’ll do what we can
to answer your questions