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Multiple scars yet living with hope

Wearing multiple arm scars and living with a background of jail, drug, alcohol and relational abuse, Sami (not her real name) now walks with hope and a glimpse of her purpose in a role helping others.

When meeting Sami for the first time, I could see she’d journeyed a rough life path.  Yet, I could also read in her confident speech and enthusiasm that she had hope.

The turning point

Curious to learn more about her story, I listened as she spoke briefly of her difficult past and how things had changed.  These changes took place when someone took notice and saw value in her.

Interestingly, Sami expressed a desire to help others in a similar way.  Her explanation was genuine but rather broad, “To help others who have been in a similar situation to me”.  I asked if she was happy for me to help her narrow down her purpose.

Focused direction

Over the next 20 minutes we worked on clarifying Sami’s personal ‘calling statement’.  We identified her core desire was to help women – particularly those who were likely to fall through the cracks of society and social-care.

Through this impromptu coaching session, she was able to greater define her vision and narrow it to something more specific.  Closer to her heart was a desire to help girls aged over 26 years.  Specifically, women who are facing life challenges similar to those she previously experienced.

Stumbling blocks

Hesitating, she also expressed concern about being underqualified for this role.  Certainly, appropriate training and knowledge would be beneficial (and depending on her future involvements even mandatory), yet this should not stop her from taking action.

I encouraged her to,

First give from what she already has.”

First steps

She became emotional, realising she could be effective right now!  With tears in her eyes, Sami identified her first step was to help a young lady whose recent release from jail reminded Sami of her own walk.  She too had been released from ‘lock-up’ several years earlier and had no-one trustworthy to turn towards at the time.

By giving of herself and purposing to be a positive influence, Sami already has the ability to provide connection and hope in another person’s life.

Seeking personal fullfillment?

  1. Identify a ’cause’ or ‘area of focus’ (outside of your self) that you have interest, energy and passion for
  2. Get specific about what you do and who you’re doing it for
  3. Take immediate action with your existing skills and resources, then add to and develop these along the way

If you had to choose one ’cause’ or ‘area of focus’,
how could you bring about change?

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