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Rick Paget – BA Min,
ACC (Currently under renewal)


Welcome to Equipe Coaching & Counselling!  My passion is to help you find your  immediate life purpose and longer term calling.

I’m Rick Paget, cofounder of Equipe Coaching & Counselling, where our primary focus is to provide online courses, 1:1 sessions and specialist workshops for those seeking clarity, direction and focus in their ministry, career, relationship, or life-purpose.

Each of us have a unique calling – one that often takes the backseat in the fast-paced and uncertain world we live in. You may feel trapped, uninspired, unfulfilled, bored, unhappy or lost – and you are not alone.

I work with you to find and activate your life’s direction – identifying your interests and strengths, while partnering with you to charter a meaningful future with a legacy you can be proud of.

Experienced as an Associate Certified Coach (currently being renewed) with the International Coaching Federation, my skills are centred on partnering with you to identify and leverage your strengths, to overcome limitations and to take action.

Personal Coaching helps you reach goals and make changes in your life.

Phone - Zoom

In Person
Leading From Your Strengths

Discover Your Calling
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One-off coaching sessions are perfect for creating clarity, moving beyond sticking points,
or boosting your forward momentum.

♦  1 x 45-60min Personal Session*

Cost: $145


The most productive method of advancing towards changes you long to see.

♦  1 x Introductory Session (approx. 45-60 mins)
♦  3 x 45-60min Personal Sessions*

Cost: $375


Significant change takes course over a period of time.  Invest in yourself to see lasting results.

♦  1 x Introductory Session (approx. 45-60 mins)
♦  5 x 45-60min Personal Sessions*

Cost: $595

*Personal Coaching sessions generally take place online or over the phone, and range from 45-60 minutes.



Équipe Coaching & Counselling’s signature course is designed to help you discover your unique purpose and/or calling.

Whether you have a good understanding, some idea, or no clue as to your ‘calling’, the Discover Your Calling Course™ is designed to bring greater clarity, direction, self-awareness and focus to anyone, regardless of your age or circumstance.

Over 5 insightful and thought provoking sessions, the online Discover Your Calling Course™ teaches you how to discover your life- direction and purpose.

This course is perfect if:

  • You have no idea of your calling and are longing to realise and understand your unique life purpose
  • You have some understanding, yet you want greater clarity and focus
  • You believe you’re already on the right path, but need confirmation and greater self-understanding to effectively stay on-track





Online DYC Course

Start today!




Online DYC Course

5 x 1:1 45-60min Personalised Online Coaching Sessions

Live with Purpose, Discover your Calling” – Rick Paget


The LFYS course is the perfect compliment to the Discover Your Calling Course™. It helps you to gain practical knowledge and insights about yourself for immediate application in your ministry or workplace.

As a certified LFYS trainer, Rick helps you identify significant areas of your profile which otherwise could be missed.

LFYS profiles are based upon the DISC model.  Hundreds of thousands of people around the globe have benefited from these assessments which are recognised for their high levels of accuracy.

We’ll look with greater depth at:

♦  Your Natural Strengths
♦  General Characteristics
♦  Your Strengths Movement Chart (additional insights not gained throught the profile)
♦  The Strengths Wheel

The profile report has been designed to incorporate Christian themes, though you’ll find the content insightful and of value no matter where you stand in relation to spirituality and Christian Ministry.

Live training workshops generally cost hundreds of dollars.
Online LFYS Profile & Course special:


*Price is for the LFYS Course only – LFYS Profile requires separate purchase @ approx. USD$26.95, less discount code provided in the course

Mandy W.
Mandy W.

The sessions I spent with Rick literally changed my life!  Rick’s gentle approach and his gifting with knowing the right questions to ask helped me look at my life in a different way and make changes that I never dreamed of.

Thank you, Rick, for being faithful and using the gifts you’ve been given to inspire others and challenge them to grow. I will always be grateful.
Andrew L.

Rick’s questions helped me pinpoint exactly which direction I needed to go in.  His insight into my character is a true gift and his encouragement at just the right time meant a lot.

Jonathan G.
Suncoast INC

Rick is down-to-earth, refreshing, authentic, and has immense substance to everything he shares. 

I couldn’t think of anyone better to be able to speak into the area of our calling, and to empower people on how to discover it.

Lee B.

After several session with Rick, and his easy talking and caring way, his great ability and skill to be able to let me discover my own answers and gave me new problem solving actions and skills.  I was able to move forward in a more confident, happier, grounded new chapter of my life.

Great thanks to Rick for his great heart for people.

Jennifer C.

I met Rick…and by the time we had finished I knew exactly what I wanted to do, who it was aimed at and when to begin.

I had only a nebulous idea of what I wanted. I was amazed at how Rick was able to pull this information and crystallize my ideas in a very short amount of time and it was painless!

Lee Sykes. Senior Pastor. Cornerstone Church of Christ, Busselton WA

Rick is a person of great diligence, insight and compassion.

I had the pleasure of working closely with Rick in a team ministry setting while he was developing in his desire and competency to help people identify purpose.
Even in these early stages, Rick was demonstrating a profound effectiveness with those he came alongside.

Pete R.

Whether it is personal, spiritual or a major direction for my businesses. I know Rick listens and cares, to the point where he remembers our last discussions more than I do 🙂

I have always left with direction and purpose for the next stage.


Tracy C.

Rick helped me recognise that I had a purpose in life, which made me feel value again as a whole person.

I thought no-one would really understand me and I felt very ashamed and very angry within myself.  Rick showed a non-judgemental approach which really helped me feel I could trust him, and his genuine personality really made me feel he really understood me and cared.

Rick really listened and validated me, which helped me to really want to reach my own personal goals through my challenges. Rick showed patience and empathy through session by allowing the time in the sessions were for me at my own pace.

I really appreciated these sessions I had with Rick, they really helped me understand my personal purpose of who I am in this world and very much loved. Again Rick, thank – you for just being there during our sessions and really listening to my heart.



B&T Connell
Bruce and Terri Connell (Pastors, INC Kununurra WA)

We have been privileged to be a part of Rick & Chanoa’s life journey for over 20 years and have seen them grow in genuineness and faith as they both continue to positively impact the lives of others.





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