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What is your purpose?

What is the core of who you are meant to be?

You are not a hamster on a wheel – spinning faster everyday while trapped and on display for the world to watch you.  Yet sometimes it might feel that the days, places and people meld into a blur and that the treadmill of life is on its steepest incline – and you wonder why you are here, in this time and in this place. Questioning our purpose – the heart of why we are here – is central to human nature. Our purpose – when we know in our core what it is – anchors us, it is our true north.

For those of us who have relationship with the Lord, we have an opportunity to learn and grow in the unique purpose he has for us.  We also know God’s Holy Spirit helps us grow and fulfil that purpose when we walk with him.Living as our authentic selves gives us a life of meaning.  Purpose grows from a place of caring for others, seeing a need, and knowing we can meet it.

For some of us that meaning is in that might be raising a happy and connected family, for others it could be developing a skill, product, business, or service, and for others it could be about driving positive change in the world around us.


The purpose of a life is a life of purpose

– Robert Byrne.

How do you know if you are living your “purpose”?

It’s not simply a moment in time or a flash of clarity where a realisation is depicted as a lightning bolt.  Purpose is not always clear, and it can take time to grow and nurture.  It stems from first knowing who we are.  From there we need to identify our longer-term goals (or calling), then determine what steps are needed to take us there.

At Equipe Coaching, we refer to your ‘calling’ as that bigger picture end point.  It’s the longer-term goal you’re seeking to achieve.  Reaching this point requires different steps or stages of purpose which need to take place before we’re able to reach that ‘calling’ or end point.  

Why is life purpose important?

Many of us are set on the path of career and life through our parents’ expectations – what we will “grow up to be”, who we surround ourselves with and the goals we measure our success by. Have you ever stepped back to question whether the life you are living is truly yours – that you are building a future and then a legacy that is meaningful to you and those around you?

When you understand your heart-driven values, your focus and goals gain clarity – meaning you are more likely to achieve your goals as they have true meaning to you; more likely to stick to your goals as they are aligned to your purpose (and longer term calling); and living a more meaningful life.

Purpose means your goals are all centred towards the core of what really matters to you. 

How can I discover my purpose?

Yes – life is fast and uncertain in our COVID 19 era. That’s why it’s more important than ever before to take time for yourself to quietly reconnect without the noise of the outside world (and the reality is that a houseful of noisy kids while locked down in isolation won’t cut it). That time to quietly reset means you can (re)discover what makes you YOU.

Our five top tips to discovering your purpose

Leave the world outside, and take time for just yourself.
Do lots of reading – learn about the possibility of life and how others have learned and realised the heart of who they are. 
Spend time discovering the community around you. Are you surrounded by people who will help you build your best life?
Shed your preconceptions of what “should” be – on removing the barriers the world around you has far more possibility.
Partner with people who will help you on your journey.

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