Coaching Options

Equipe Coaching specialises in helping you discover your unique purpose and calling.

If you’re looking for greater clarity, direction, and purpose or you need something new to get unstuck and live a life you love, then a number of coaching options are available to you:

Discover Your Calling Course – 1 Day Course

The Discover Your Calling (DYC) Course guides you step-by-step on an insightful journey filled with teaching and exercises, all designed to help you identify your unique purpose and calling.

Over five practical sessions, you’ll…

  • Learn structured steps and exercises to discover and define your current purpose and/or future calling
  • Identify clues from your past to determine and navigate your future
  • Create a strong personal foundation from which you can live and work
  • Grow in self-awareness
  • Understand how to make decisions about your ongoing direction
  • Define your purpose and/or calling: ‘What you do’, ‘Who you do it for’, and ‘What changes for them as a result’
  • Discover structures and tips to help you consider how to successfully take action and live-out your calling
  • Receive no-pressure to fit a certain job or role
  • Save time, effort and energy – you don’t have to work these things out alone!

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 Personal Coaching  –  Clarity & Breakthrough Sessions

We all have goals we want to reach, challenges we’re striving to overcome, ideas that need a road map and times when we feel stuck.  Partnering with an ICF accredited coach can unlock your potential and set you on a path to thriving personally and professionally.

Personal coaching sessions can create clarity and help move you beyond sticking points, or boost your forward momentum.

Various options are available, ranging from one-off coaching, through to discounted multi-session packages.

Various options available

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Fast Track  –  Change Maker Package (Recommended)

The most productive method of advancing towards changes you long to see.

If you’re serious about Discovering Your Calling and are ready to make significant changes today, then this package is recommended for you.

1 x 30-45 minute Complimentary Coaching Session
1 x Discover Your Calling 1-Day Course
1 x BONUS LFYS (Leading From Your Strengths) Personal Profile
6 x 45 minute (approx.) personalised coaching sessions*

Best value and results!

Take your first step and request a

Complimentary Strategy Session

*Complimentary Strategy Sessions generally take place over the phone for a duration of approximately 30 – 45 minutes.

During this time you’re likely to come away with realisations, strategies and breakthroughs from sticking points or issues you just haven’t been able to get past on your own.