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Rick Paget

My purpose is to help you find your  immediate life purpose and longer term calling.

Each of us have a unique calling – one that often takes the backseat in the fast-paced and uncertain world we live in. You may feel trapped, uninspired, unfulfilled, bored, unhappy or lost – and you are not alone.

I work with you to find and activate your life’s direction – identifying your interests and strengths, while partnering with you to charter a meaningful future with a legacy you can be proud of.

Experiences as an Associate Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation, my skills are centred on partnering with you to identify and leverage your strengths, to overcome limitations and to take action.

Chanoa Paget

I work with young people to navigate towards their purpose – building clarity and empowering their aspirations. Today’s world is complex, and for teenagers traversing the challenges of discovering who they are in this world is more important than ever to build resilience and confidence.

A qualified counsellor, I find that creative art therapy is one of many powerful tools in unlocking possibilities and creating meaningful and insightful conversations. The opportunity to help teenagers work through “who am I and what is my place in the world” … to see the impact that the right support at the right time can deliver … is why I do what I do. Central to the partnerships I build with clients is helping them develop their own toolkit as they move towards adulthood and life changing challenges. Underpinned through a futures-focused vision and clarity around goals and actions, my approach helps young people define boundaries and develop their life skills.

Talea & Luke
Talea Cotte

Chanoa has guided me, supported me and loved us through 3 beautiful children.  She has helped me manage as we raised our children while I was studying and working.  There is no limit to her support and no limit to her love. From one mum to another don’t do it alone, stuff some chocolate in your mouth, wipe your eyes and call Chanoa.

Trent & Sharna
Trent & Sharna R.

The Marriage Course changed our marriage for the better. Taking the time out each week to chat, share a meal and work through the course gave us a new perspective on our relationship. The course is practical and honest – we couldn’t recommend it enough.

After seeing a few other psychologists my daughter was hesitant to try another practitioner. Chanoa was able to quickly build rapport and has been a great support to my daughter ever since.  I would highly recommend Chanoa to anyone with teenagers who need support.
Antonia R.

Chanoa was absolutely incredible in understanding the needs of our young person and communicated with them in a way they could understand in a non-judgemental manner.

Cheryl W.

Such an amazing couple. They have so much practical experience and are incredibly knowledgeable especially in the areas of finding meaning and purpose not only for your life but also practical lessons in how to help your children to understand and embrace their gifts to reach their full potential to lead happy, well balanced and successful lives.

Haley W.

High quality coaches who really want to see the best for their clients. We would definitely use Equipe Coaching with young people again.

Denise T.

I would highly recommend Equipe Coaching & Counselling! Chanoa’s insight, understanding and measured advice has transformed me and my outlook on life’s challenges.

Denise Taylor

I would recommend Chanoa to any and every teen or adult wanting quality counselling with an understanding and engaging mentor. Worth every penny!

Nicole A.

Rick and Chanoa are a wonderful team of coaches/counsellors. They have great insight and experience in helping you find purpose and reach your full potential.


Chanoa has been incredibly helpful in helping my teenage daughter navigate some difficult times. She has helped her become confident, resilient and given her practical ways to manage her emotions and anxiety. I would highly recommend Equipe Coaching to any adult or teenager!

Nicole A.

I am so grateful for the help Chanoa gave my teenage daughter while navigating a difficult time at school with friendships, anxiety and low self esteem.  Chanoa oozes empathy and creates a safe and non- judgmental environment that helped my daughter flourish and grow.  She learnt skills to become more resilient and manage her anxiety. My daughter always loved her sessions with Chanoa.

Mandy W.
Mandy W.

The sessions I spent with Rick literally changed my life!  Rick’s gentle approach and his gifting with knowing the right questions to ask helped me look at my life in a different way and make changes that I never dreamed of.

Thank you, Rick, for being faithful and using the gifts you’ve been given to inspire others and challenge them to grow. I will always be grateful.
Christian & Sandra
Christian & Sandra

My wife and I did The Marriage Course and learnt some great information, usable tips and gained a new perspective which has strengthend our marriage.

Andrew L.

Rick’s questions helped me pinpoint exactly which direction I needed to go in.  His insight into my character is a true gift and his encouragement at just the right time meant a lot.

Jonathan G.
Suncoast INC

Rick is down-to-earth, refreshing, authentic, and has immense substance to everything he shares. 

I couldn’t think of anyone better to be able to speak into the area of our calling, and to empower people on how to discover it.

Lee B.

After several session with Rick, and his easy talking and caring way, his great ability and skill to be able to let me discover my own answers and gave me new problem solving actions and skills.  I was able to move forward in a more confident, happier, grounded new chapter of my life.

Great thanks to Rick for his great heart for people.


Chanoa is caring, understanding and professional and was able to provide guidance where we just didn’t know where to turn or who to turn to. We highly recommend her for any of your counselling needs.

Jennifer C.

I met Rick…and by the time we had finished I knew exactly what I wanted to do, who it was aimed at and when to begin.

I had only a nebulous idea of what I wanted. I was amazed at how Rick was able to pull this information and crystallize my ideas in a very short amount of time and it was painless!

Lee Sykes. Senior Pastor. Cornerstone Church of Christ, Busselton WA

Rick is a person of great diligence, insight and compassion.

I had the pleasure of working closely with Rick in a team ministry setting while he was developing in his desire and competency to help people identify purpose.
Even in these early stages, Rick was demonstrating a profound effectiveness with those he came alongside.

Pete R.

Whether it is personal, spiritual or a major direction for my businesses. I know Rick listens and cares, to the point where he remembers our last discussions more than I do 🙂

I have always left with direction and purpose for the next stage.


Tracy C.

Rick helped me recognise that I had a purpose in life, which made me feel value again as a whole person.

I thought no-one would really understand me and I felt very ashamed and very angry within myself.  Rick showed a non-judgemental approach which really helped me feel I could trust him, and his genuine personality really made me feel he really understood me and cared.

Rick really listened and validated me, which helped me to really want to reach my own personal goals through my challenges. Rick showed patience and empathy through session by allowing the time in the sessions were for me at my own pace.

I really appreciated these sessions I had with Rick, they really helped me understand my personal purpose of who I am in this world and very much loved. Again Rick, thank – you for just being there during our sessions and really listening to my heart.



B&T Connell
Bruce and Terri Connell (Pastors, INC Kununurra WA)

We have been privileged to be a part of Rick & Chanoa’s life journey for over 20 years and have seen them grow in genuineness and faith as they both continue to positively impact the lives of others.




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