Équipe Coaching provides specialist workshops and 1:1 coaching
for those seeking personal growth, life-direction and healthier relationships.

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Life Direction & Purpose

Gain greater clarity, vision and personal growth.  Live with purpose, Discover your Calling.

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Women & Teenage Girls

Reducing stress and anxiety, while building resilience and managing life.

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Better Relationships means Stronger Communities

Strengthen your relationship with courses, support and tools.

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Newborn - Teenage Years

Raising healthier, happier children through support, education and strategies.


Hello and welcome to Équipe Coaching.

Our primary focus is to help people experience personal growth, find life-direction, and build stronger relationships with others.  We offer multiple life-changing services, ranging from:

  • Life-Coaching for those seeking clarity and productivity around purpose and direction
  • Well-being options for women and teens
  • Relationship enrichment resources
  • Parenting advice & consultation

Some people are curious about our business name, and we’re glad they asked.  We’re about people helping people, and for this reason, Équipe Coaching was chosen to describe our brand.

 Équipe combines both the English meaning of equip, ‘To prepare or make ready’, and the French counterpart équipe, which translates to ‘Team’.  We work together with you (as a team) to achieve your outcomes!

As cofounders of Équipe Coaching, we each have 20+ years’, of experience in human service-related industries.  Collectively these include social work/community engagement, educating, and pastoral leadership.  The various courses, workshops and 1:1-sessions offered throughout this website are highly effective activities and methods we’ve seen bring positive change in different people’s lives over time.

Rick is a professionally certified ACC Life-Coach through the International Coach Federation (ICF) and holds a bachelor’s degree in Ministry.  Chanoa is qualified in Creative Art Therapy & Counselling, and is accredited Triple P Parenting provider.

We hope you enjoy browsing through the website and find something that’s right for you.  As always, we’re love to hear from you so send a message or contact on the details below.

Looking forward to working with you,

Rick & Chanoa.

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Rick & Chanoa Paget.

Mandy W.
Mandy W.

‘‘The sessions I spent with Rick literally changed my life!


Rick’s gentle approach and his gifting with knowing the right questions to ask helped me look at my life in a different way and make changes that I never dreamed of.


Not long after seeing Rick for the first session I enrolled in a course to study something I was incredibly passionate about but didn’t think I’d ever be able to do. This has led to a change in career; I’m now running a very successful business doing something I love!

Thank you, Rick, for being faithful and using the gifts you’ve been given to inspire others and challenge them to grow. I will always be grateful.”
Lee B.

‘‘After several session with Rick, and his easy talking and caring way, his great ability and skill to be able to let me discover my own answers and gave me new problem solving actions and skills.

I was able to move forward in a more confident, happier, grounded new chapter of my life.

Great thanks to Rick for his great heart for people.”

Jonathan G.
Suncoast INC

‘‘Rick is down-to-earth, refreshing, authentic, and has immense substance to everything he shares. 


I couldn’t think of anyone better to be able to speak into the area of our calling, and to empower people on how to discover it.”

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